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The Food

Chef Nathan Fountain uses the best fresh, local, and responsibly produced ingredients to prepare a wide selection of pan-Mediterranean small plate dishes.

Chef Fountain changes the menu often to take advantage of seasonally available items.

Whether you call them cichetti, meze, or tapas, the small-plate menu allows diners to sample multiple appetizers, pastas, hearty dishes, and deserts, freeing you from restrictive pre-defined combinations offered by traditional menus. You get more variety, you can right-size the amount you want to eat, and spend what you want to spend. Prices range from $3 to $15 per small plate item.

brix° features locally and sustainable grown vegetables, meats, and eggs. Local sustainable farming benefits the community and local economy while supporting the environment, and minimizing energy consumption. By harvesting food only when it is ready to consume, local items will be fresher and taste better.

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