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Brix Externship Blog Week Three – July 18, 2011

brix° is a one of a kind type of restaurant, that was conceived by Hunter and Chef Nate to
be distinctively different than any other restaurant in Lexington and surrounding areas.
First, they only serve small plates, which guests distribute by spooning the plate content
to their own tasting plates. This means, that a table of two normally selects 4, 6 or more
small plates from the menu to share. Second, the menu shows a very extensive wine list
sold by the glass to pair wines to the menu choices. A cheese plate requires a different
wine than a crab cake. This would not make it a very different type of restaurant by itself,
but Hunter and Chef Nate went a few steps further: they contacted local farmers to supply
the restaurant daily or twice a week with their produce and protein. Granted the above
mentioned crab cakes are not local of course, but if you ever have the opportunity to
taste them, you will find that the flavors and purity of content will make you believe that
Lexington has the ocean nearby. Chef’s recipes make the local flavors of fresh produce
and beef or rabbit shine by first and foremost highlighting their own character and flavor.
If you do not like beets, you should try brix° baby beets or small super fresh turnips. A
plate of corn risotto will make you appreciate corn that was harvested yesterday. Chef
has a Mediterranean range of spices, he often uses to create a final component to your
savoring of flavors. All in all brix° will wow you, if you are the type of guest that likes to
have small bites of multiple plates and have a wonderful evening of trying everything,
while also drinking many different glasses of wines.
Not only do guests finish their plates and thus present us with minimal waste, we in the
kitchen are very green in our approach to waste. All compostable items go in the bin that
Mitch comes to collect for his farm, from which he supplies us produce and we have in
the front area of our store room multiple bins for glass, cans, plastic and other metals
for recycling. Our garbage can is almost never full for weekly collection and all edible
remains goes through Hunter’s stomach or he kindly offers take home packages for
This past week we got Tuesday evening the message to meet Hunter at brix°, where we
learned, that Chef Nate had to leave for Virginia Beach because of a death in the family
and wouldn’t be back till after the weekend. Hunter wanted us to consider keeping the
restaurant open, as he thought Chef Nate had us taught us well enough for us to go
solo this week with Hunter’s assistance where needed. We conceded, that we knew
the procedures by now, but it was still a scary prospect to be without the Chef around
to fall back on. In the end we found ourselves the next morning on the farmers market
buying produce for the week and placing orders to be delivered to brix°. It turned out to
be a week with two reasonably busy days and two days that were very slow and looking
back we are pleased to have had this opportunity to run the kitchen by ourselves, with
Hunter providing us ideas and creating two new dishes for us to offer that week. Both
of us created a dish that Hunter approved for service, so all in all it may be difficult to
be back after next week (brix° is closed for a week) being externs again, which as we all
know are students in a learning situation saying “yes chef” all the time. To be fair to Chef
Nate however, he challenges our minds, he has us taste his creations and he requires us to

comment on or suggest add-ons or deletions to his dishes.
Till the beginning of August when we resume this blog