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Brix Externship Blog Week Six– August 17, 2011

Last week we said goodbye to the kitchen as we served our last meals on Saturday
night. We took a PBR, walked past the bar where several of our evening guests were
congregating and sneaked out the side to the veranda, where our outside tables
are situated to plop down on a chair and silently raised our bottles to each other,
congratulating each other, that we completed this once in a lifetime assignment. The
rain played with the street lights and car beams as we stared at the downtown Lexington
scene, where besides the muted voices from inside nothing but raindrop sounds reigned
the night. We felt extraordinarily satisfied, that we in six weeks time had mastered to run
the brix° back of the house to the satisfaction of their management. Those long hot hours
and sore feet and backs had been worth it in retrospect, because neither of us ever could
have dreamed, that we would be sitting here reflecting on what we just had accomplished
in a mere six weeks time: we had grown into real chefs. We now have the confidence,
that we can swoop into a like situation with no trepidation. Chef Nate came out with
his PBR in hand and sat with us in silence for awhile. He then spoke and said that he
wanted to thank us for giving him some time these last weeks to accomplish tasks, that
he otherwise had to do in his spare time and that we had surpassed any expectation that
he could have had. (He had done his homework ahead of time by talking to various
CIV staff before taking us on). The last guests left the house thanking us for the lovely
evening they had.
It may look to you reader as if we are only talking about pride and praise in this week’s
blog and yes we are, because we think that only people who have been in similar
situations can grasp how this feels.
There are still two weeks to go before our externship comes to an end. This coming week
we visit several farms who supply their product to brix°. We will experience that side of
the cycle of local and fresh product, that graces brix° tables every evening; product that
comes to us at the back door of the kitchen nicely cut up and ready for prepping and
storing in our freezer or walk-in. We are excited to experience this part of the cycle. We
are especially apprehensive to be involved in dispatching cute bunnies and a bunch of
chicks. But about all of that read next week’s blog.
Chef Nate, Hunter and the two of us ended up roaming the streets of Lexington in search
of nightlife visiting all of them: two noisy establishments. At 1 am we were ordered to
leave the last one per city ordinance. Once outside the glistening streets of downtown
Lexington, as we walked back to our Dutch Inn place of lodging, only presented us with
the sound of dripping water just before another downpour started, surprising Nate and
Hunter who had to run off into the night seeking shelter.