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brix° welcomes CIV interns!

There is a lot of excitement in the air at brix° right now.  Stagiere (staj-ee-air’) John Stallard is in the kitchen from time to time.  A person who works temporarily in a restaurant in exchange for the educational experience is a stagiere and that position is known as a stage (stajh).   John is with the stunning Stoneridge Bed and Breakfast and is already quite talented.  Additionally, we also have two interns from the Culinary Institute of Virginia hard at work in the kitchen.  Sandee Frerbee and Erik van Strien have started their educational foray through the brix° furnace.  They will spend the next two months steeped in recipes, culinary technique, cleaning and dish washing.  They have all proved eager to please and quick to learn.  The entire brix° staff is excited to have them all.

I consider the kitchen at brix° to be a learning kitchen (for myself as well) and am always interested in accepting interns and stages of any length of time.  If you are interested in learning in the brix° kitchen, e-mail us from the website or give the restaurant a call and ask to speak to the chef.