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brix° back at it!

We love the size of brix°.  Small, tight and easy to manage; it is exactly what we wanted it to be.  The down-side to the issue is that- if brix° is operating, then Hunter and I are here and chances are that the limited waitstaff is here as well.  The long and short of it is; we needed a break and Rockbridge Regional Fair week is the summer week to break.

A couple of (actually decent) fair rides and a few insanely hot days later, here we are.  Open again and the interns are hard at it, prepping the entire menu in just a few hours.  not much fun but definitely rewarding.  And yes, the braised rabbit is in the house, maybe to stay.  Somerset Farm’s rabbit brood suffered a bit and Dick lost several bunnies to the aforementioned insane heat.  Hopefully those days are behind us and we can get those bunnies doing what they have become famous for doing.  My recommendation is… Barry White.  Get Barry broadcast to the breeding hutch and kick the situation into high gear.  Pretty soon the bunnies will be doing it like… well, bunnies.  Upon hearing the news that we are out of the rabbit, guests give us “the sad face” (as it has come to be known.  Grown adults presenting the full on pouty lip and wistful puppy dog eyes will soon cease to haunt me; and Berry White will have broken into a new market.  What do you think Dick?

Take the opportunity to come in while the local produce is coming in at a furious pace and before we welcome back students and their families.