Are You Natural?



As we have mentioned plenty of times before, the decor of your restaurant can definitely set the mood for the meal that your customers are about to eat. Even more importantly, it can set the mood for the kind of conversation and the type of conviviality that is shared at the table. In other words, you have a lot to answer for when it comes to decor.

It makes sense for a lot of restaurants to model their decor after a theme. For example. if you look at a place like Joe’s Crab Shack, you will get the theme of an old dingy beach shack. Places like Red Lobster are similar. You can totally guess from the decor that the restaurant is trying to have a maritime East Coast theme.

Still other kinds of restaurants will ditch the theme and pick a certain vibe that they want to impress upon their audience. For example, a restaurant might be interested in projecting a very modern kind of vibe. To accomplish this, they might go for minimalistic decor and seating. Still others strive for the old fashioned fine dining vibe.

Natural elements

Whether you are looking to decorate  your restaurant after a theme or a vibe, there are certain things that you simply cannot overlook. One of those things is the amount of natural decor that exists in your restaurant. Even if you are going for a more modern or urban vibe, striving to make sure you include some natural elements should be of utmost importance to you. One of the things that we suggest you include is wood.

Wood is very versatile because you can have it show its natural colors, which bring out earth tones and give a feeling of being out in nature. If you want to cover it up, you can simply paint the wood and have a completely different look.

Where to look

There are many kinds of wood available out there, so you will need to do your research in order to determine what your options are. One kind of wood that is very trendy right now is recycled wood. This can be found almost anywhere for very cheap. For example, you can get it from a dying tree leaning on the house. Still other kinds of recycled wood come from a difficult tree cutting project. You can look at this link for more details:

Decor can be difficult and tricky, but it can also be fun! Enjoy yourself!

How is Your Service?




Unfortunately, when people go to a restaurant for the first time, they don’t remember much. They might remember all of the effort that you put in to make the decor look nice and inviting. They might remember all the time that your chefs took to make the presentation of the food look immaculate. They might even remember the nice table cloth and place settings that you took a full week to hand select.

Odds are, however, that they might remember the service. This is because we as humans will connect to another human face much more strongly than any kind of object (most of the time). When it comes down to it, then, it’s just pure psychology. This is why it is absolutely important to impress upon your waiters and waitresses that they are the face of your restaurant. This post contains some information on how to organize and direct your wait staff in a way that makes them efficient and respectful towards the guests. Keep reading for more information.



Training your wait staff can be difficult. A lot of the time, many of your servers will have prior experience in being a waiter or waitress. Many of them will think that they have their own style of serving. It is important that you direct them on how to comport the vibe of your restaurant. At the same time, you want the servers to feel like they can be themselves and feel natural. The best way to accomplish this is to have weekly meetings to have an open dialogue with your servers.


2 for 1


When you are trying to get your marketing and advertising game on point, it is difficult to decide what kind of route you are going to take. For example, some restaurants will choose to make commercials. Some will try to get placements online or in certain publications. Still others will try to advertise some sort of promotion that is going on where customers can get an item or dish for a discounted rate.

While discounts are definitely a viable route to take, there is some controversy as to whether this should be a go-to for new restaurants that are opening. This post will investigate some of the dialogue that has been opened up on this topic. Read on to decide for yourself what is best for your restaurant!

A deal

What kind of restaurant are you?

When it comes down to it, there are settings where a promotion is appropriate and settings where it is not. It really depends on what kind of restaurant you are. For example, a lot of fast food places will offer some sort of promotion. Before you dismiss promotions as classy, there are plenty of nice bistros and cafes that offer some sort of promotion or daily special.

Can you afford it?

The other thing that you need to think about is how big of a promotion you want to give. There could be some very exciting things that you could offer. However, that might not be a great idea financially for your new restaurant.

Getting Good Reviews


If you have ever spent any amount of time in the restaurant business, then you certainly know that running a successful operation entails getting great reviews from both critics and regular customers alike. In this day and age, we have an inordinate amount of websites and apps dedicated to feedback that can influence the decisions of a whole market or demographic. For example, we have Yelp, which is a user based website that allows customers to post their honest reviews on websites. While that may not seem like a big deal, it can actually greatly impact the decisions others make. For example, some people might be from out of town and not know any good restaurants to try. If your restaurant comes up, they will probably try to see how well it is rated. If you have some poor Yelp ratings, many  people will decide to skip your spot and go somewhere else. I know this because I have even done it myself!

Anyway, this post should help you with some of the finer points of getting a good review Read on for some insider secrets.

Rave reviews

Good food

Obviously, since you are working in/for a restaurant, you know that you are there mostly for the food. That’s why they exist! You need to make sure that your food is high quality with great taste and presentation.

Good service

Another thing to consider is great service. This will impress customers right off the bat. Make sure your servers and hosts have a smile and are friendly and fast.