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Brix Externship Blog Week Six– August 17, 2011

Last week we said goodbye to the kitchen as we served our last meals on Saturday night. We took a PBR, walked past the bar where several of our evening guests were congregating and sneaked out the side to the veranda, where our outside tables are situated to plop down on a chair and silently […]

Brix Externship Blog Week Five– August 8, 2011

Long, long Wednesdays, those 14 hour days. This week we want to talk about our Wednesdays. It is the first day of our week and all the fresh product for this week arrives at our back door, or if we still need something we walk a block over to the weekly farmers market, where we […]

Brix Externship Blog Week Four– July 31, 2011

Did we tell you, that it is hot in the kitchen? Well summer with temperatures 100 degrees and over make you realize, that there is heat and there is heat. Well we are here to tell you that the kitchen last week was hotter than the weeks before, but at the same time the human […]

Brix Externship Blog Week Three – July 18, 2011

brix° is a one of a kind type of restaurant, that was conceived by Hunter and Chef Nate to be distinctively different than any other restaurant in Lexington and surrounding areas. First, they only serve small plates, which guests distribute by spooning the plate content to their own tasting plates. This means, that a table […]

Brix Externship Blog Week Two – July 10, 2011

We were really surprised to find that Chef Nate put us in front of the stove that very, very first Wednesday night as line cooks to put out plates cooked to order for the guests. Luckily John was there to do the real work on the front station that night. The front station does the […]

Brix Externship Blog Week One – July 3, 2011

*Chef’s note- The extern blog is completely un-edited (except for a couple of spelling changes) and they are encouraged to “tell it like it is” for the general public. There are no secrets at brix°.

It was in the streaming rain that we drove up to The Dutch Inn in Lexington VA

to begin our […]