How is Your Service?




Unfortunately, when people go to a restaurant for the first time, they don’t remember much. They might remember all of the effort that you put in to make the decor look nice and inviting. They might remember all the time that your chefs took to make the presentation of the food look immaculate. They might even remember the nice table cloth and place settings that you took a full week to hand select.

Odds are, however, that they might remember the service. This is because we as humans will connect to another human face much more strongly than any kind of object (most of the time). When it comes down to it, then, it’s just pure psychology. This is why it is absolutely important to impress upon your waiters and waitresses that they are the face of your restaurant. This post contains some information on how to organize and direct your wait staff in a way that makes them efficient and respectful towards the guests. Keep reading for more information.



Training your wait staff can be difficult. A lot of the time, many of your servers will have prior experience in being a waiter or waitress. Many of them will think that they have their own style of serving. It is important that you direct them on how to comport the vibe of your restaurant. At the same time, you want the servers to feel like they can be themselves and feel natural. The best way to accomplish this is to have weekly meetings to have an open dialogue with your servers.

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