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When you are trying to get your marketing and advertising game on point, it is difficult to decide what kind of route you are going to take. For example, some restaurants will choose to make commercials. Some will try to get placements online or in certain publications. Still others will try to advertise some sort of promotion that is going on where customers can get an item or dish for a discounted rate.

While discounts are definitely a viable route to take, there is some controversy as to whether this should be a go-to for new restaurants that are opening. This post will investigate some of the dialogue that has been opened up on this topic. Read on to decide for yourself what is best for your restaurant!

A deal

What kind of restaurant are you?

When it comes down to it, there are settings where a promotion is appropriate and settings where it is not. It really depends on what kind of restaurant you are. For example, a lot of fast food places will offer some sort of promotion. Before you dismiss promotions as classy, there are plenty of nice bistros and cafes that offer some sort of promotion or daily special.

Can you afford it?

The other thing that you need to think about is how big of a promotion you want to give. There could be some very exciting things that you could offer. However, that might not be a great idea financially for your new restaurant.

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