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Opening a new restaurant can be an exciting venture. There so many different routes you can take with your idea. One idea that people usually do not consider, however, is the notion of opening some kind of restaurant on a train. This is because the method of train transportation is not that popular in either the United States or Canada. However, in certain areas of both countries, trains are still widely used and very relevant. In addition, traveling by train is a huge mode of transportation in Europe.

Given all of these factors, it could be very advantageous for you to open some kind of restaurant on a train. This post will help you figure out some of the odds and ends of this venture. Keep reading to learn more!



If you didn’t know already, the food on trains in the dining cars is pretty lousy. Most of these goods are overpriced and low quality. One of the best things for you to do if you want to break into the market is to come up with some quality food to serve on trains. This does not have to be some sort of five course meal, but it sure could be! The sky is the limit with this.


Making your customers comfortable while eating can be very difficult, especially on a train. There are a lot of bumps and such that are going on during the customer’s eating experience. What you can do is have extra padded chairs to cushion the bumps. You could also have little notches on the tables that hold the plates in place.

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